Square Yard

Please help to secure Castle Roy for the pleasure and interest of future generations. In order to preserve the Castle and to create a visitor attraction the map below was surveyed & drawn from a field sketch. 

In exchange for a donation, you will receive a certificate in your name and special dates can be used to make a memorable present with other gifts within the package. Please be aware that you may use the titles Laird or Lady of Castle Roy but they are an honorary appellation only and convey no legal entitlement. Neither will the square yard be registered on the Scottish Land Register but will be retained by the Trust in your name and that of your descendants. You may ask to be shown your Square Yard at any time and will be entitled to a guided tour. The land on which the Castle is built is a Scheduled Monument and therefore If you look at our plan you can see that it is oval-shaped and surrounded by a fence, all plots are therefore secured and cannot be sold without the existing conditions remaining the same.

The donations suggested start online at £50 depending on the level of security that you want for your land! The map shows the green mound outwith the walls, popular for those who seek the extra security of being close to the castle. The grey squares are for those who have provided a service for the Laird and are entitled to protection within the walls. The yellow Laird’s Lodge is for his close friends and family who will enjoy the extra protection of a roof over their heads. As for the Tower, this is the most exclusive area, with only nine squares, and would be used for the King and his closest companions. 

Unfortunately, due to a very high rise in postage costs, we may now have to request a further sum according to where it is to be sent. We will be in touch about this when we receive your order. This would be between £3 (UK) & £18 (USA airmail) at 2023 rates

If you are a UK taxpayer please go to our Gift Aid form on your donation or use the form below. This will allow us to claim an extra 25%. Thank you.

Castle Roy West Mound North Mound East Mound South Mound Guards Tower Courtyard Lairds Lodge