One of my favourite views of the Cairngorms is of the mountains as I pass Castle Roy on my cycle home from work – Pete Crane, Head of Visitor Services CNPA 2004-2022

Since Castle Roy has been open to the public we have seen a fantastic selection of photos and videos uploaded to the web. We cannot keep up with them all so we feel the best thing is to link to them! You can view photos that have been added to Google here and there are some in You Tube and we found this lovely drone video featuring Castle Roy at the start in February 2022 . 

Below are our own galleries and under that we will share any content that we come across once we have permission.

We would like to say a sincere thank you to all those of you who have supported us in the form of photo and video sharing, ownership of a square yard or annual sponsorship of Murdo. 

Just links to these we find. Thank you to all of our visitors who care enough to share these with us. I would like to embed them all but I will run out of space!



2022 Thank you, Daphne, for this video and also for all the superb signs that you designed for us.

2015 a theatre piece performed as part of a festival